Wilhelmsen Chemicals should always comply and stay ahead of all relevant national and international laws and regulations governing health, safety and environment.

We work methodically and proactively to prevent and limit pollution. We will be a driving force for environmental responsibility, and motivate our clients to choose our most environmentally friendly products.

All operations at Wilhelmsen Chemicals are based upon quality and environmental management systems. We have therefore created systems that are certified by DNV GL and their ISO 9001 Quality Management standard, as well as ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard.


Wilhelmsen Chemicals always on alert!

Wilhelmsen Chemicals is a chemical company with strict legal requirements for safety, emergency preparedness and alert. The requirements are met with great attention of everyone associated with the company.

Wilhelmsen Chemicals has a task force of 40 employees on Kjøpmannskjær who is always on alert if an accident or fire should occur. The task force is divided into four industrial groups; fire, smoke diving, medical / rescue services and securing service. Industry Safety has advanced equipment and the company tests both functionality and quality regularly.


Upon alarm at Wilhelmsen Chemicals

If an alarm occours at Wilhelmsen Chemicals, the emergency group immediately notifies the police. The police handle the situation and optionally alerts you when the danger is over.



Please call the police directly, tel. 02800.